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If you're using Genderize for scientific research you might be interested in reading academic papers using on arXiv.

  • The Guardian, Mahana Mansfield

    Analyzing 70 million comments on The Guardian

    The Guardian conducted research on the 70 million comments posted on its site since 2006, aiming to shed light on the prevalence of online harassment. The findings indicate a noteworthy trend: among the top 10 most abused writers, eight are women, and...

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  • Nature, Oscar Brück

    A bibliometric analysis of the gender gap in medical journals

    The study conducted a bibliometric analysis to evaluate the gender gap in authorship across five leading medical journals over the period 2010-2019. The focus was on understanding the gender distribution among first and senior authors, exploring trend...

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  • Toptal, Breanden Beneschott

    Is open source open to women?

    The underrepresentation of women in the technology sector is a long-acknowledged issue, evident in gender diversity reports from prominent companies like Facebook and Google. However, the gender disparity may be even more pronounced in the open-source...

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  • The London School of Economics and Political Science, Alex Holmes and Sally Hardy

    Gender bias in peer review

    The issue of gender bias in peer review, particularly within the social sciences, is explored in this article by Alex Holmes and Sally Hardy. The study, conducted by the Regional Studies Association, aims to investigate the impact of gender on peer re...

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  • The Washington Post, Christopher Ingraham

    39 studio releases and only one is directed by a woman

    The underrepresentation of women in directorial roles in the Hollywood film industry is brought into focus by recent analysis, revealing that out of 39 major studio releases for the summer, only one is directed by a woman. This statistic echoes broade...

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  • Medium, Corin Faife

    Gender ratios in crypto development

    The technology industry has long grappled with gender imbalance, and recent years have seen efforts by major companies to address this issue through diversity reports. However, the blockchain sector, a relatively nascent industry, lacks comprehensive ...

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