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Looking to enrich your data with demographic insights? Our CSV tool allows you to upload your data and have gender, age and nationality added in minutes.

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Using Genderize with Zapier

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Automate and enrich your data across platforms like Google Sheets, Airtable, Shopify, and Salesforce.

Harness the power of our official Zapier integration to add gender prediction capabilities to any application. Automate and enrich data insights by integrating gender analysis into virtually any platform.

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With our collection of services we offer prediction of gender, age and nationality from a name.

Genderize was first to market with name based statistical tools. For more than 12 years we've been collecting and processing data. Today we base our results on more than 1 billion people and have processed billions of requests.

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Explore how our gender classification is used by thousands of users

We handpicked some of the most interesting cases to spark ideas and learn about our tools.

The Guardian logo

The dark side of Guardian comments

The Guardian conducted research on the 70 million comments posted on its site since 2006, aiming to shed light on the prevalence of online harassment. Using genderize they were able to infer genders from the authors of comments.

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Nature logo

A bibliometric analysis of the gender gap in leading medical journals

Aiming to shed light on gender diversity in academia, this study uses bibliometric data of original research and our Gender API to assign sex to authors.

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London School of Economics logo

Gender bias in peer review – opening up the black box

This study aims to investigate the impact of gender on peer review outcomes, examining gender imbalances in academic publishing. Our API was used to check genders of reviewers.

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The Washington Post logo

39 studio releases and only one is directed by a woman

The underrepresentation of women in directorial roles in the Hollywood film industry is brought into focus by recent analysis, revealing that out of 39 major studio releases for the summer, only one is directed by a woman.

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